Strategic Planning Masterclasses

A Strategic Plan Fast!

  • Don't have a strategic plan?
  • Have a plan but it is outdated? 
  • ​Don't have time to plan?

     Join a Masterclass


A Strategic Plan FAST!

  • Don't have a strategic plan?
  • Have a plan but it is outdated? 
  • ​Don't have time to plan?

Join a Strategic Planning Masterclass

Just 1 hour a day and in five days your  company will have Strategic Business Plan!

Strategic Planning Masterclasses

Strategic Planning is an iterative process - Far too many companies put together a yearly strategic plan and then neglect the most important step... working the plan. The Strategic Planning Masterclass will not only bring you through the 15 key components of strategic planning but also guide you through how to best work your plan, engage your team, drive execution and ultimately and ultimately drive success! - Attendance will help you become a Masterful Execution Leader! 

You will leave our Masterclass with a Strategic Plan - A clear roadmap to finacial security.

Need a Strategy Fast? Join a Masterclass

Just 5 days over 1 week, only 1 hour per day!

Do you have a STRATEGIC Plan?

The new fiscal year has started in New Zealand. 
  — Perhaps you have a financial plan in a speadsheet.  
  — Perhaps you did a goal setting workshop.
But do you have a strategy behind the growth you want to acheive? And do you have Quarterly Initiatives clearly prioritzed and defined by a Strategic Plan

Get This Year Right with a Strategic Plan


19 to 23 April @ 11 AM NZT

NEW - Strategic Recovery Planning Masterclass

With vacines being administered around the world, and money being pumped into economies we are about to see an amazing period of opportunity and rapid growth. Every finacial crisis creates a vacuum and in that void amazing opportunities are created.

This special 5 day Strategic Recovery Masterclass (5 days, only 60 minutes per day) will focus on recasting or creating a strategic business plan to leverage emerging post pandemic trends. Be prepared to leverage the post pandemic period of growth!

Ensure you have a strategy in place to recover strong and make 2021 the year you need! 


April 26 to April 30 @ 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT


April 26 to April 30 @ 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Strategic Planning Masterclass

It's that time of the year again in Australia, planning season for your next fiscal year. Over 5 days, only 1 hour day and you will have your a strategic business plan for your company's 2021-2022 Fiscal Year

Ensure you have a strategy for fiscal 2022.
Make this the year you need it to be! 


24 to 28 May @ 11am AEST/9am AWST


June - It's that time of the year again in Australia, planning season for your next fiscal year.  Just 90 minutes every Friday and you will have your a straegic business plan in palce for your 2021-2022 Fiscal Year

Invite your entire excutive team!


Fridays, 4 to 25 June @ 10:30 PM AEST/8:30 AM AWST
Registration Link Soon - Please Check Back

The Masterclass includes:

 Live Strategic Training with Marc Daniels.

 1 Week, 5 Days, just 1 Hour per Day.

 Results Strategy Execution Compass Software. 

 Daily Workbooks to help crystalize your plan.

 Recordings daily should you have a conflict.

ResultsBI Software

60 Days of Free Access to the Results BI Software is included in every Masterclass.

On-Line Strategic Plan: 15 Sections - from Vision to Strategy to Execution.

KPI Dashboards: Key Performance Indicator Dashboards automatically updated.

Power BI Dashboards: Embedded Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

​Strategic Project Dashboard: Track your Strategic Projects & Tasks.

​Integrated ∫ Meetings™: Drive Engagement & Create Accountability

Water Cooler: Online gathering area for your employees to conect, share news and stay connected. 

  What will be covered?

Day 1: Vision: BHAG, Core Purpose & Core Values

Day 2: Target Market, Positioning & Key Benefits

Day 3: Five Competitive Forces and PEST Analysis

Day 4: SWOT & SWaTOL Analysis and COVID-19 

Day 5: How to best Execute your Strategic Plan

FREE - 2021 Strategic Planning Guide

Articulating a strategy can be challenging. That’s why our FAST TRACKS have been so successful. Your completed plan has 15 sections. This Strategic Planning Guide introduces 3 of the 15. Ltd. t/a ResultsBI
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